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Noah Coin’s ICO sale began from 5:00 (Japan time) on February 13, 2018 (Japan time),
but,Noah coins were sold out early, so the sale of ICO was terminated.
Noah coin is scheduled to be purchased after listing on the exchange.
Currently you can not purchase Noah coins.


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People who became millionaires with Bit Coins

Bitcoin, which accounts for about 90% of the virtual currency market, was 1 – Bit Coins = 0.08 cents as of the birth in 2009.

Today (as of March 7, 2017) it has become 1 Bit Coins = about $ 1270.
Its value increased about 1.4 million-fold. Don’t you think it is a surprising number?


【Value transition of Bit Coins】
● Bit Coins at birth was 1 Bit Coins = 0.08 cents
● As of March 1, 2017 1 Bit Coins = approximately $ 1270


For example, if you had a 10,000 Bit Coins at the time of birth of a Bit Coins, and you just keep it without doing anything, it means that it has turned into 12.7 million dollars as of today.

This is not a totally lie; there are many examples that people who just owned Bit Coins have actually became millionaires. Such people are said to be Bit Coins millionaires.

In this way, by purchasing virtual currency at the time of birth, you can also become a billionaire in the near future.


Birth of a cryptocurrency “Noah Coins” that exceeds Bit Coins

Cryptocurrency “Noah Coins” with the potential to surpass the Bit Coins, which produced a lot of millionaires in the world, will be born finally. And on January 11, 2017 the first phase presale started.
(The first phase pre-sale is held from January 11th to March 19th, 2017)



Although the presale will last until the 4th phase, the Noah Coins value goes up as it crosses over the phases. Because the world’s attention to Noah Coins is high, it is likely to be sold out quickly, therefore to those who are interested, we recommend purchasing Noah Coins as soon as possible.

Since our company is an official sales agent of Noah Coins, it is possible to purchase from the following link.

This way please, for those who will purchase Noah Coins.


Reasons why Noah Coins exceed Bit Coins

Then, why does “Noah Coins” increases in value?

First of all, as a premise, values of cryptocurrencies go up “for some reason needed by people” and it is necessary “to be owned by many people”. The greater the demand for “I want cryptocurrencies I’d like to have it!” its value will rise.

In the example of Bit Coins, it is “easy to remit to overseas”, “it doesn’t cost for remittance. “, “easy money transaction between individuals”, “can be used for tax saving”, etc.

The future newly generated cryptocurrencies require “the reason why it has to be the new cryptocurrency, not a Bit Coins.” Otherwise, Bit Coins suffice enough.


“Noah Coins” which appears this time will be born, in a word, to support the economic development of the Philippines.


The Philippines has been growing rapidly in recent years, and it is said that the bubble continues for the next 30 years because of the young average age of 23 years old (45 years old in Japan). The Philippines is attracting attention from investors ambitiously around the world.

Furthermore, because the Philippines is the only country in the Asian region where they can speak English, large US and European companies outsource the call centre and other operations to the Philippines, and many Filipinos go abroad and earn foreign currency.

In addition, population of the Philippines has tripled in 40 years. The population density of the capital Manila is three times that of Tokyo. This population growth also supports the overwhelming economic growth of the Philippines.

Population transition in Asian countries

Population of Philippine and Japanese by age in 2016


However, what if you think about the case where Filipino workers overseas remit the money earned in streaming sweat to own country and families?

About $50 will be taken if remittance is made via a bank. Since the average monthly income of Filipinos is About $400, you would understand how important the thousands of yen are.

The annual amount of money Filipino migrant workers earn is 360 billion. (There are actually more because it is only the country’s data.) Since the market capitalization of Bit Coins is 120 billion you can see that it exceeds the amount greatly.

Of the 360 billion, money drawn by bank fee etc. (= money which Philippine people earn overseas but taken away to abroad) amounts to 35 million annually. This is a big problem for the Philippines.


Here comes in “Noah Coins.”


If Filipino workers abroad send their money to their country, don’t you think it is attractive if the cryptocurrency infrastructure for that purpose is prepared? Here is the first thought that “Noah Coins” was born.


In the “Noah City”, it has been decided that entertainment facilities such as casino, large shopping malls, large-sized hotels and the like will be built.


Even the Philippines is rapidly growing, the current situation is that the gap between rich and poor is still intense. Most Filipino people have smartphones, but only about 30% have bank accounts.

“Noah Coins” will be the first cryptocurrency to solve the social problem in the Philippines, and it will become the currency that people need as a useful one.


By holding “Noah Coins” from the early phase, it has a great meaning leading to social contribution to the Philippines as well as for speculation purposes to have a lot of possibilities to become billionaire in the near future.

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Noah Coins sales schedule

“Noah Coins” will be released to the market on June 12, 2018 (Independence Day of the Philippines). Until then, which is a pre-sale phase, you can purchase Noah Coins s at a relatively reasonable price (= good rate).

During the pre-sale phase, you can exchange for “real cryptocurrency”, and you can get big wealth by waiting for the value to rise by dozens of times and hundreds of times after the market opens for public.


Examples of the recent “genuine cryptocurrencies” are:

Ethereum  ⇨ Value rose by 60 times in 10 months
Monero   ⇨ Value rose 24 times in 9 months
FACTOM   ⇨ Value went up 17 times in 5 months

These are the facts.
And the values of these “genuine cryptocurrencies” are still rising.
(Of course these cryptocurrencies can be converted into dollar or yen)


The sales schedule of these cryptocurrencies are usually in four phases, the first, the second, the third, and the fourth phase as the pre-sale period, and the purchase prices gradually go up as term progresses.

In the case of “Noah Coins”, it has the following sales schedule and prices.


【Schedule and sales rate】
First Phase Presale : 1/11 – 3/19 1 dollar × 1.00 times
※Only sold in Japan & Philippines
Second Phase Presale : 4/3 – 5/28 1 dollar × 1.14 times
※Only sold in Japan & Philippines
Third phase presale : 7/24 – 10/1 1 dollar × 1.18 times
※Sales throughout Asia
Fourth Presale : 2017 12/11 ~ 2018 4/30 1 dollar × 1.22 times
※Sold worldwide

The minimum purchase unit of ‘Noah Coins’ is 1 unit = 1,000 dollars.
(In the case of the first phase presale)


About purchase benefits

Our company will be official sales company (0th order agency), authorized by NOAH FOUNDATION a non-profit organization that operates Noah project.

We will be in the position of the management side of “Noah Project” called Top Leaders Club. So, if you purchase (exchange currency) Noah Coins from us, we will give you a sales right as an official primary sales agent.

By acquiring the sales rights of Noah Coins , you (or your company) are entitled to introduce and sell Noah Coins to someone in the future, you can receive remuneration of 15% Noah Coins or remuneration of 10% Bit Coins of purchase amount (exchange currency amount).

【Bargain purchase benefits】
If you purchase Noah Coins (exchange currency) from us and if you introduce Noah Coins to someone else and sell it, You can receive either 1) or 2) below.

①Noah Coins remuneration 15%
②Bit Coins remuneration 10%

* If you purchase at a regular authorized dealer, the sales rights that the purchaser gets will be sales rights as a secondary agency, and will be “Noah Coins remuneration 10%” or “Bit Coins remuneration 10%”.


And if the person you introduced and bought further introduce someone else, and if that person is successful in leading to sales, you can receive either 1) or 2) below.

①Noah Coins remuneration 5%<
②Bit Coins remuneration 5%

* If you purchase at a regular authorized dealer, this remuneration will not occur.


Also, although this is not a privilege only from us, since the National Bank of the Philippines also participates in the development and operation of Noah Coins, you can obtain a compound interest dividend simply by holding Noah Coins.

Compound interest dividends are set at 20% in the first year, 17.20% in the second year, 14.79% in the third year … and the annual dividend rate is set at 0.86 times (exponentially decreasing), and the dividend lasts for 40 years. It is unthinkable dividend rate with the current Japanese banks, therefore depending on the amount of retained interest it turns out realistic to have a dream life living on interest.


In this way, the Philippine government, public and private sectors have formed in unity the Noah Project, and Japan and the Philippines have joined hands to solve the social problems in the Philippines by means of the world’s first cryptocurrency city “Noah City” and cryptocurrency “Noah Coins.”

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